Dear Highly Conscious Dieter,

You are dedicated to your spiritual path and you want abundant health and fitness. What seems like should be easier with all of the spiritual work that you do, you are struggling to manifest abundant health and weight loss. You are highly conscious and you need to do things differently.

Lucky for you, I do things differently too. I access your soul record and develop fitness programs that are alight ed to your goals while leveraging your soul gifts.

Here’s What To Expect When Working With Me…


[step_graphics style=”5″ color=””][step style=”5″ text=”1″ headline=”Pattern Recognition = Intuitive Reading”]

During your intuitive reading, you will discover the unconscious patterns that are sabotaging your health and fitness goals.

[/step][step style=”5″ text=”2″ headline=”Pattern Reprogramming = Energy Work”]

Once you know what energetic patterns that are keeping you stuck, then you have the choice to change them and make new choices that align to your health and fitness goals. You will also receive a personalized 21 Energy Work Plan designed to clear sabotaging patterns and reprogram you to align to your goals.

[/step][step style=”5″ text=”3″ headline=”Physical Assessment”]

I will assess where you are now, so you can know when you are making progress and also when the plan needs adjusting to maximize your results.

[/step][step style=”5″ text=”4″ headline=”Exercise Prescription”]

Each exercise plan is designed with soul gifts, physical ability and lifestyle in mind. You will have a fitness plan when you are working with me as well for the days when you are exercising on your own.

[/step][step style=”5″ text=”5″ headline=”Nutrition Plan Templates”]

You will have access to nutrition plans that are customized to your goals and give you structure of what to eat, but also flexibility of exchanging different foods to fit your lifestyle and your fitness goals.

[/step][step style=”5″ text=”6″ headline=”Spiritual Practice”]

This is unique to the individual. If you have a spiritual practice that is vibrationally aligned to you, then you can continue it. If not, we can work together to devise a practice that is in alignment with who you are and supports you in every area of your life.

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Jan Messersmith, CHC, CHT

Adrianne DeCotes
[feature_box style=”32″ title=”Private Personal Training” alignment=”center”]

While all the elements above are included with each training client, pricing is dependent on how much support you will need in order to stay on track with your goals.
When you sign up 1-1 private training, expect to pay $500-$1500/month. If you would like to train with a friend in a semi-private format, you can save up to 25% per person.
If you are committed to achieving your health and fitness goals, then I would like to talk with you further.
Please submit a personal training application and I will be in touch shortly.

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Physical and Spiritual Assessment

Nutrition, Fitness & Energetic Prescription